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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collide and are excluded from drama-filled Italian Grand Prix

The pair, which sit at the top of the Formula One drivers’ championship standings, were stuck wheel to wheel on lap 26 and with Hamilton looking to squeeze Verstappen from space, the Dutch driver appeared to bounce off a curb in a corner , flying through the air and landing on Hamilton’s car.

Verstappen could be heard on his team radio saying, “This is what you get when you don’t leave space.”

The two drivers were able to get away from the incident. The FIA, the world’s governing body for motorsport, has announced that the incident will be investigated after the race.

The two drivers had almost crossed paths earlier in the race, when they clashed wheel against wheel for second place on lap one.

“He pushed me a long way,” Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, said over the radio.

Ahead of the drama, Daniel Riccardo produced a calm and collected performance to win his first race of the season.

The Australian passed Verstappen before the first corner of the first lap to recover from second place on the grid and lead for most of the race.

This is a developing story. More soon.


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