Les Bleus will kneel down before kick-off against Germany – RT in French

Hugo Lloris has announced that the Blues will drop to one knee before the kick-off of their match against Germany in memory of the American George Floyd. “A fashion imported from the USA” and a “shame” for several French politicians.

On the occasion of a press conference on June 14, the captain of the French football team Hugo Lloris announced that the players of the France team will kneel on the lawn before the kick-off of their first Euro match against Germany in Munich on June 15 at 9 p.m.

Asked by a journalist to know if the France team would accomplish this gesture already made by other national teams, the goalkeeper of the France team said: “Yes, it is planned”, according to RMC Sport which reports the information.

The “Red Devils” of Belgium as well as the referee of the meeting, the Spaniard Antonio Mateu Lahoz, have already made this gesture on June 12 before the match against Russia. The English players did the same on June 13 before starting the game against Croatia.

This gesture was initiated following protests after the death of African American George Floyd in May 2020 in Minneapolis (Minnesota). For several weeks, demonstrators, activists but also political leaders had publicly knelt down to show their support and their indignation in the face of this assassination considered indicative of the discrimination and violence suffered by the black community in the United States.

The decision of the players of the France team irritates part of the right

In France, after the announcement of Hugo Lloris, several political leaders bitterly condemned this decision, perceived as a fashion imported from the United States, which would, on the contrary, stimulate racial conflicts on the territory of the Republic.

The candidate of the National Rally (RN) for regional in the Paca region, Thierry Mariani, regretted on Twitter a gesture of “repentance which consist in following a fashion launched in the USA for a murder where France and the French have no responsibility” , specifying at the beginning of his message: “Of course we must fight effectively against racism!”.

For the leader of the Patriots, Florian Philippot, it is a “shame” that the Blues can accomplish this gesture. “Black Lives Matter is a sponsored thing to raise tensions, to break people, to divide them, to maintain them in resentment, to weaken them!”, He indignantly on Twitter.

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