Left-wing deputies seize the Constitutional Council regarding the Global Security law – RT in French

Many deputies from the left have announced that they will lodge an appeal with the Wise Men about the comprehensive security bill passed by Parliament on April 15. They denounce an “attack on constitutional rights and freedoms”.

Nearly 90 left-wing deputies, including La France insoumise (LFI), Socialists and allies, of the center and environmentalists have announced that they have filed an appeal with the Constitutional Council to contest the comprehensive security bill adopted by parliament on April 15. “This bill violates the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution,” said in a press release released on April 19 the 87 deputies from the Democratic and Republican Left, La France insoumise, Socialists and allies, Liberties and territories and the Ecology collective. democracy solidarity.

They “contest[ent] in particular article 24 of this bill which, by creating a new offense of “provocation to identification”, clearly undermines the principle of legality of offenses and penalties, the right to security, and weighs heavily on freedom of expression as well as on freedom of the press a serious threat ”.

LFI denounces an “umpteenth attack on fundamental freedoms”

They also consider that the text “in particular disregards the principle of equality before the law by accentuating territorial inequalities in matters of public security (Article 1), the right to respect for private life through the extension of the uses of video surveillance and legalization without sufficient guarantees for the use of drones (Articles 20, 20 bis AA, 20 bis, 20 ter, 22) ”.

In a separate press release, the LFI group denounced a text constituting an “umpteenth attack on fundamental freedoms” and “which makes security a market”

Before these 87 deputies, several members of the Stop Global Security Law coordination, at the origin of a major mobilization against this controversial text, had already indicated in mid-April that they would deposit voluntary contributions to the Constitutional Council, denouncing a “Questioning” of the rule of law. Among them, the journalists ‘unions SNJ and SNJ-CGT, the Human Rights League, the Magistrate’s Union, the French Lawyers’ Union and Right to Housing.

The Parliament definitively adopted on April 15 the bill and its rewritten article 24 but still penalizing the malicious dissemination of the image of the police officers, which crystallizes a broad protest of defenders of public freedoms.

This has been expressed in recent months in the street, sometimes with violence, against the backdrop of societal debate around a police accused of increasing violent slippages. The most important day of mobilization had gathered at the end of November between 133,000 and 500,000 people depending on the sources.

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