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“Leading the ascent”: meeting with mountaineer Marion Poitevin

In this edition of ActuElles, Marion Poitevin tells us about her career. A high mountain guide, she was the first woman to join CRS mountain rescuers in 2016, alpine hunters as a mountaineer in 2008, or the High Mountain Military School as a trainer in 2012. So many exploits in a universe still not very open to women. To reverse the trend and help women take the lead, Marion Poitevin co-founded a 100% women’s club, “Lead the climb”.

Also included in this issue:

For the first time in its history, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is now headed by a woman, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwéala. Before taking the head of the WTO, this Nigerian had several lives: Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs of her country, she also held positions in international institutions.

Another woman to occupy functions until now reserved for men, Seiko Hashimoto takes the direction of the Japanese Committee of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. The ex-athlete and Minister of the Olympic Games replaces Yoshiro Mori, forced to resign after sexist remarks . This is huge progress for Japan, a poor student of gender equality, ranked 121st out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum ranking.

Finally, in Kenya, Sylvia Gathoni is shaking things up in the still very masculine world of video games. She is the first professional player in East Africa supported by an international sponsor.