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Lawyer talks about Florence Police Department arrest video


FLORENCE, Al. (WHNT) – After receiving backlash from social media over a viral video, the Florence Police Department released dashboard and body camera video showing the arrest of a man, now that this man’s lawyer speaks.

According to the Florence Police Department, Michael Stanford was arrested at a gas station for failing to use his turn signal.

During the traffic stop, the department said Stanford did not roll down his window and when asked to get out of his car, they said he refused. Shortly after, officers can be seen in the video forcing him out of the car by placing him in handcuffs on the floor of the gas station.

The FPD charged Stanford with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and third-degree criminal mischief.

News 19 spoke to Stanford attorney Jaimee Elizabeth Hunter, and contrary to the department’s reasoning for the traffic stop, she believes otherwise.

“The question is probably whether or not the police department was within its legal right to arrest even Mr. Stanford and we don’t believe that to be the case,” Hunter told News 19. “Mr. Stanford, my client, didn’t violate any traffic stop or anything like that to initiate the harassment, nothing comes back from the license plate, you actually see him using a turn signal.

Hunter says officers dragged Stanford out of his car, assaulted him and damaged his property before putting him behind bars.

The attorney says that while the department released multiple perspectives of that arrest video, she says it didn’t show what her client did to trigger that kind of response from those officers.

Although it is still early after the arrest, Stanford’s legal team plans to file a civil lawsuit in the near future.


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