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Larry Elder Does Not Commit To Accept Recall Result And Sets Up “Election Fraud” Site

Larry Elder, conservative radio host and GOP candidate in the race to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom has set up a website on voter fraud, after echoing Donald Trump’s bogus election tale ” stolen ”.

The 69-year-old would also not pledge to accept the results of Tuesday’s vote if he loses.

Asked several times on Monday by MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff whether he would agree to the results winning or losing, Mr Elder declined to say yes or no and instead repeatedly asserted that both sides should strive to make ends meet. ensure that Tuesday’s elections were fair.

“I think we should all be looking at the integrity of the elections,” Elder said. “It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, let’s all make sure the election is fair.”

His comments leave open the possibility that Mr. Elder will not accept the official election results and may instead challenge the result in a manner similar to former President Trump’s persistent lies about the 2020 presidential race.

His campaign also launched a website encouraging his supporters to report suspected cases of voter fraud; Mr. Trump’s legal team relied almost entirely on affidavits from their own supporters while trying to challenge the 2020 election results in the country’s courts in the days following his defeat.

“Electoral integrity should be a universally accepted American ideal. Unfortunately, there are cases where such integrity is called into question. If you have been the victim of irregularities, interference or intimidation while voting, please let us know by filling out the short form below. Thank you, ”read a note on Mr. Elder’s website.

The California recall election appeared to be an imminent victory for Democrats, as polls showed the race had drifted away from Mr. Elder and GOP favor in recent weeks amid a massive wave of Democratic support national to Mr. Newsom.

Nationally recognized Democratic Party figures including former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Bernie Sanders have all publicly helped support Mr Newsom’s campaign in recent years. weeks as their party seeks to retain control of the highest office of state. .

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