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Larry Elder: California problems have no color, no party

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the upcoming recall election.

On Monday, Elder spoke with Tucker Carlson about his campaign to replace Governor Gavin Newsom, who is currently backed by various key Democratic politicians.

“Basically this recall forced Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, all to endorse the inexcusable,” Carlson noted.

“That’s right,” Elder nodded. “They all cut ads for him, but they didn’t defend him against crime, as you showed. They didn’t defend him against the rising cost of living. California comes from “hitting the average price of a home at $ 800,000, which is at least 150% above the national average. They haven’t stood up for it in the face of rising homelessness. They haven’t stood up for it. defended in the face of the decline of public schools. “


Elder also noted that Democrats have failed to defend Newsom’s policies on COVID which have greatly affected minority businesses.

“They didn’t defend the way it shut down the state to the point where a third of all small businesses are gone forever, many of them black and brown owned and native Americans. Asian people on the left like Gavin Newsom claim to care about him, ”Elder said.

“So these politicians who all cut ads for him never uttered the following magic words: Gavin Newsom did a good job for the people of California,” he added.

Elder stressed his need to break the “Democrats’ grip” on minority voters.

“So why black and brown parents are continually pulling their leverage for the Democratic Party that keeps them out of poverty, that is, finishing high school, is beyond me. I want to break the stranglehold on it. ‘Jedi spirit that Democrats have on Black and Brown’s voters,’ Elder said.

Elder also lambasted the media for ignoring Rose McGowen’s recent claim that Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom contacted her six months before filing sexual assault charges against Harvey Weinstein.


“All I know is if this had been alleged against me, that’s all they would talk about now until the day I died. But the Washington Post, the New York Times, completely oblivious to this story .It’s an explosive story if it was done against me, ”Elder said.

The California recall election will take place on September 14.

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