KRQE News Feed: Critical Race Theory, Overtime Fraud, Partly Sunny Skies, Downtown Changes, Funny Sign

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[1] APS discusses Critical Race Theory at Board Meeting – This coming school year Albuquerque Public Schools will not be covering Critical Race Theory. The hot topic was discussed at Wednesday night’s school board meeting. While the district is not changing the program, in a statement, it encourages students to be critical thinkers, respect one another, and take different points of view. The move comes as the New Mexico Department of Public Education updates its social studies standards. The NMPED says the ruling has nothing to do with critical race theory and that they haven’t given New Mexico school districts any direction on it.

[2] City of Albuquerque Seeks to Revitalize Downtown Space – City of Albuquerque is working on revitalizing downtown. The first task will be to lower the speed limit throughout the area and change the police presence. They sold the Rosenwald building at Fourth Street and Central to a company that is considering putting up condos. However a rental agreement to make a substation for the Albuquerque Police Department. They want to rework agents’ working hours to cover downtown bar hours. In the past two months, agents in the city center say they have responded to 31 fights and 47 arrests for DWI.

[3] Partly sunny Thursday morning – There are a few light showers in the Four Corners area but it will subside throughout the morning. The sky is partly sunny and foggy for the rest of the state.

[4] IG investigates possible flight within city’s aviation department – New policies in place at Albuquerque Sunport after investigation found city employee may have made thousands dollars he hadn’t earned. Employees reported the discrepancy involving a shift supervisor on call duty. According to a report by the City of Albuquerque Inspector General, the results show the supervisor worked 22 hours of overtime when he was not at work. This comes down to about $ 5,000 pre-tax. The supervisor still has his job, but now the DA’s office is dealing with his case.

[5] Albuquerque restaurant uses humor to expose bad reviews online – An Albuquerque restaurant owner who receives bad reviews takes it in stride. Old Town Pizza Parlor owner Nilo Gonzalez says they’re understaffed and just as busy as ever. On the outside you’ll find the saying “We survived a global pandemic, we will survive your crappy Yelp review.” Gonzalez says it’s all fun. Gonzalez says he hopes he can soon triple his staff, from six to 18 people.


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