Kevin Durant’s bodyguard rushed onto the pitch to break up KD’s scrum with PJ Tucker

You don’t want to play with Kevin Durant.

If you do, you will apparently encounter the wrath of his bodyguard, even if you are one of his opponents during a match.

In the Nets vs. Bucks contest on Thursday night, Durant mingled with Milwaukee forward PJ Tucker. As the two players tackle it, teammates and other staff surround them to break it down, but a man dressed in a security guard-type outfit has also joined the fray.

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According to The Athletic, this man was Durant’s bodyguard, who is in the pay of the Nets.

This incident between Durant and Tucker was just a glorified screaming match, but the bodyguard wanted to make sure Durant didn’t get in trouble with one of the most pesky and physical attackers in the league. .

It must be nice for Durant to have this kind of personal protection available at all times, even in the field. And the bodyguard showed good blocking technique, pushing through the crowd to stop Tucker from advancing any further on Durant.

The game was, perhaps, one of the best box-outs to come in the Brooklyn-Milwaukee game.

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