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Kardashian Fans Call Family ‘Tacky’ Business Tricks After Spotting Details About Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

KARDASHIAN fans have called out the family for their “sticky” business “stuff” after spotting a subtle detail about their massive empire.

Critics suggested that “doing it all” might not have been the best decision.


Kardashian fans slammed the famous family’s many businessesCredit: Instagram
Supporters wondered if "do everything" was a good business strategy


Proponents questioned whether ‘doing it all’ was a good business strategyCredit: Instagram/Skims

On Reddit, a fan of the famous family raises a point about the Kardashian-Jenner business empire.

They noted, “Really, I’m not trying to shame, but does anyone else feel like the Kardashians/Jenners (namely Kim) have so much business that it almost seems sticky/fuzzy?

“I’m trying to find the right words to say this, and I’m certainly not talking about flyovers, but about her video game Kim Kardashian (who I think is no longer) KKW beauty, the Kardashian kids and I am definitely forgetting some – it’s almost chaotic and un-streamlined.”

The poster continued: “His businesses are doing well and I think they are all very good business people, but it seems more sophisticated when people can stick to one path/industry and really take their Kylie swims, the Kendall/Kylie clothing lines, and the Kendall/Kylie book from a million years ago are other examples. ‘a brand/person that seems to “do it all” compared to the long-established industry classics that still exist.”

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Other fans were quick to chime in, with an offer: “I saw something about Musk that applies to KJs: If a CEO can be CEO of multiple companies, then it doesn’t have to be. too much work to be a CEO.”

Another wrote: “I would take Kim more seriously if she had just focused on Skims. The millions of other side businesses just seem like emergency catches instead of really sustainable businesses. Kendall generally seems to be involved in 818, as did Khloe to a lesser extent with Good American Kourtney’s BS gummies/wellness health are very on-brand for her, but she completely missed the moment by waiting so long.

“Kylie has 3 businesses and she doesn’t care or she’s too spread out to give them the time and energy they need.”

The commentator concluded: “Their problem is that instead of focusing on one business and building it and improving it over time, they think it’s better to have multiple businesses because it makes them seem more prosperous than they are.”

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Someone else added: “Unfocused I think describes it well.”


The Kardashians have each faced their share of backlash over their businesses lately.

Kourtney, 43, for her part, recently came under fire after releasing an elixir called Lemme Fall in Love.

The blend “is formulated with 8 traditionally used medicinal plants. Organic Ginger Root: Creates warming energy and supports circulation. Damiana Leaf: Uplifts and stimulates passion. Linden Blossom: Relieves nervous tension and supports mood.

“Honeysuckle Flower: induces feelings of excitement and happiness. Hawthorn Flower: detoxifies and purifies. Damask Rose & Provence Rose: symbolizes love and romance. Heather Leaf & Flower: supports love and admiration.”

Fans were quick to mock the concoction, calling it a gimmick.

“It’s not very clear what exactly we’re supposed to use it for – like what is its purpose?” we asked.

“Am I supposed to resonate with this? a second complains.

A third put shortly: “Cringe asf.”

Someone else wrote: “She said love potion.”

Another skeptic commented: “That’s so much bulls**t it’s unreal. Rude marketing ploy, don’t fall for this one. No comments on the others as I haven’t watched, but this one is a REACH. Ask a real fucking doctor.”

A few weeks earlier, at the brand’s launch, fans called Kourtney’s products “overpriced.”

On Instagram, a disappointed potential customer wrote: “We need further payment”.

Another commented, “$30 for one thing? I should have guessed it would be a luxury brand.”

She also faced backlash regarding the shipping and ingredients of her new products.

“Why would you use ubiquinone instead of ubiquinol?” Why use cyanocobalamin instead of methylcobalamin? one fan wrote.

“Anyone considering buying these, please do your research on the ingredients. I was excited for these, but they don’t even use active forms of the ingredients, basically wasting your money on inactive ingredients that don’t not absorb properly.”

A second reviewer commented, “I was so excited but can’t order these as I live in Canada.”

SKKN slammed

Kim, too, has faced drama following a new business venture.

The star’s SKKN brand has been called expensive and has also come under fire for its formulas.

Shortly after launch, one user tweeted, “So I bought the SKKN by Kim refill of the moisturizer for being cheap lol and I totally didn’t realize it wouldn’t come with a top.

“Once you open that bitch, it’s open. You definitely need to find something to put it in.”

Another shopper also didn’t like the presentation, writing, “The packaging looks cheap…just like your bleached blonde hair. More importantly, what makes your skincare products so special? ?

“Did a dermatologist/scientist create the formulas? Are they suitable for women of all ages? »

A third shopper thought the product reflected the creative vision of her ex-husband Kanye West, adding, “The overall brand aesthetic is yeezy, not to mention priced higher than most skincare products on the market. luxury skin.”

According to the website, SKKN “was born out of Kim’s dream of bridging the gap between the world’s most renowned dermatology experts and people at home seeking high-quality skin care.”

The “Complete Collection” of all nine products now retails for $575, down from the originally advertised retail value of $673.

Due to the high prices, fans noticed a few details that they felt proved the line was a total flop.

One social media user pointed out that even though there was such demand and excitement, none of the items were sold out after four hours.

“I wonder if she thought it was going to sell out immediately,” they wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

“Not with these prices,” wrote one fan.

“What part of… Cleanser: $43; 37 toner refills: $45; $38 Scrub refill: $55; $47 Hyaloronic Acid Serum Refill: $90; $77 Vitamin C8 serum refill: $90; $77 VlCream Face Refill: $85; $72 Eye cream refill: $75; $64 Oil Drops refill: $95; $81 Night Oil refill: $95; $81 The Komplete Kollection refill: $575 (retail value $673)…you don’t understand,” one fan joked.

Another commented: “Kim have you seen the gas prices lately?”

Soon after, Kim launched a series of home products for SKKN.

The mum-of-four took to social media to show off the tissue box – one of many new items she was releasing at the time.

She explained, “Okay, I’ll show you how to put the tissue in the tissue box in case no one knows because the box doesn’t fit inside.”

Going through the motions, Kim revealed, “So you take the lid off, and then you open this, and you take out the handkerchief and just put it on, and put the lid on nicely with a little sticky piece of tissue – and that’s it. .”

While Kim wanted her video to be useful, fans seemed to find it a waste of time.

Additionally, some users voiced other criticisms of the clip and the product itself.

“$89 for a box of tissues, Kim?!?!” a user wrote.

Another cost reviewer noted, “Kimberly, you know it’s a rip off.”

“$90 can’t,” wrote a third fan.

The price wasn’t the only issue some fans had with the product.

Some slammed the video as a whole.

“Yes, grandma, teach us everything,” one reviewer quipped.

Another wrote: “Wow honey this tutorial video was really needed I guess.”

“Woooow we didn’t know that,” wrote a third commenter.

Someone else added: “I lost brain cells watching this.”

Some reviewers seemed to think the tissue box was a security hazard.

“So you basically contaminate all the fabrics and put them in a different container, figured it out,” one user wrote.

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Another commented: “Looks heavy.”

The KarJenners did not respond to reviews of their companies or products.

Kourtney Kardashian has faced backlash over her Lemme brand's products and prices


Kourtney Kardashian has faced backlash over her Lemme brand’s products and pricesCredit: Instagram/Lemme
Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and other family members have faced similar criticism


Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and other family members have faced similar criticismCredit: Instagram/khloekardashian
Kim's SKKN brand has come under intense scrutiny lately


Kim’s SKKN brand has come under intense scrutiny latelyCredit: Unknown, clear with photo office


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