Kamusoko: Zesco United star advises Yanga SC on what to do to shine in Africa

Zimbabwe midfielder says Timu Ya Wannachi needs a competitive striker who is a proven goalscorer

Zesco United midfielder Thabani Kamusoko highlighted the kind of striker Yanga SC would need to be a competitive club in Africa.

Yanga is looking for a prolific striker and was recently in talks with Kaizer Chiefs’ Lazarous Kambole and Kamusoko, who previously played for the Tanzanian heavyweights, said the club needed an experienced and proven goalscorer. The Zimbabwe international also said that the eventual return of businessman Yusuf Manji as Yanga’s sponsor would be a big financial boost.

“I read a few articles saying that Manji will be back in Yanga, he’s someone I’ve worked with and he uses his money competitively. If his presence is combined with mobile phone [current Yanga’s sponsors], they have the potential to do a good job for the club, “said Kamusoko Mwanaspoti.

“Getting good forwards is very expensive and that doesn’t just apply to Yanga, because forwards all over the world are very expensive. If Manji and GSM unite, they will surely find an attacker who will make Yanga a competitive force in Africa. .

“I understand that Tanzania will field four teams in the Caf competitions and I am only talking about my former club and I think they plan to have the right players before then. I think they already know which type of players they want. “

The midfielder explained that Yanga had struggled because of the type of players he was looking for and also advised to be patient when looking for competitive players.

“In recent seasons Yanga has been unstable as they recruit inexperienced players. To play for a club like Yanga you have to be competitive, both on the pitch and psychologically,” he added.

“Yanga has to go for a striker who has been at the top for a while and not for a striker who is looking to move up to the club. They need a deadly striker in front of goal like Amissi Tambwe in his prime. Tambwe flopped sometimes, j ‘agree, but he would respond to criticism with good performance.

“The pressure at the club is enormous and you don’t need just any striker to play and such players are available, but it depends on how you approach them. The approach also requires patience.”

Yanga should look past the current forwards who didn’t have the impact expected of them at the start of the season.


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