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Kaley Cuoco has carpal tunnel syndrome while holding baby girl Matilda


As if parenthood wasn’t hard enough.

Being a practical mom is gone Kaley Cuoco with a case of carpal tunnel syndrome, prompting him to make some adjustments in his daily life.

In fact, the Flight attendant The star’s trainer recently revealed that they changed his training routine to give him a break.

“Since having her baby, @kaleycuoco has suffered from what is called carpal tunnel syndrome, basically numbness and tingling in her hands and arms due to a pinched nerve,” Ryan Sorensen captioned an August 14 Instagram video, “mostly because of the baby’s outfit.”

Kaley, mother of a 4 month old girl Mathilde Carmine Richie Pelphreyis seen in the clip performing what is dubbed a “No Hands Workout”.

“So other than pausing his workouts, we’re just tweaking them and making them more focused on lower body and core work,” his trainer wrote. “Always find ways around these problems and above all no excuses! #carpaltunnel #noexcuses #momswholift #workouttips”



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