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justice ends investigation into the 2014 death of a black boy at the hands of the police

American justice announced Tuesday, December 29, to close, without prosecution, its investigation into the police officers accused of having killed Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black boy, in Ohio in 2014. The child had been shot dead by a policeman in Cleveland while playing with a “BB gun” : an air pistol that looks so much like a real one that manufacturers have been forced, in some states of the country, to add an orange cap to it to distinguish it. This one had been removed during the tragedy. The scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, had caused outrage in the United States.

The prosecutors in charge of examining the investigation “Did not find enough evidence to support prosecution of Cleveland Police officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback”, accused of having killed the African-American boy, said in a statement, the Department of Justice which considers that the video of the shooting is too poor quality to establish conclusively what had happened. past.

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On the silent recording taken by a surveillance camera, the young Tamir Rice plays with his fake weapon in a park. He points it in particular towards a pedestrian. “There is a guy with a gun”, said a witness at the scene calling the police, according to the audio tape of the call made public by the authorities. “It’s probably a fake gun, but he points it at passers-by”, he adds, specifying that it is a young boy. The operator will not report these latter items to the patrolling officers dispatched to the scene.

The video then shows the arrival of a police car which comes to a stop directly on the lawn of the park. Tamir Rice walks towards her, without his weapon in hand. He does not raise his arms and seems to want to take something from his belt, when he is shot by one of the officers, then 26 years old, and entered the police force only a few months before.

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Dismissal of the police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor

To prosecute police officers in these types of cases, the Department of Justice must prove that an officer’s actions willfully violated the law, and were not solely the result of error, negligence or misconduct. bad judgment.

“The decision to close this investigation only reinforces the indifference of our legal system towards the lives of black people”, immediately denounced on Twitter the powerful association of civil rights, the ACLU.

Like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice is one of those whose names have been chanted angrily for months in the United States, considered emblematic victims of racism and police violence.

Police officers involved in the March death of Breonna Taylor were notified Tuesday of their upcoming dismissal from the Louisville police force, according to a letter released by the African-American’s family lawyer.

And on Monday, authorities in Columbus (Ohio) announced that the police officer accused of killing Andre Maurice Hill, a black man, last week, in his garage, was fired.

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