Julien Denormandie defends French breeding in Rennes – Space 2021

“Income is the key to everything”. Christiane Lambert, president of FNSEA, the first French agricultural union, smiles broadly after Julien Denormandie’s long visit. Farmers and Minister of Agriculture did not just share a glass of cider in the aisles of Space.

At the center of the discussions, the second part of the food law, Egalim 2, for which parliamentary discussions will begin next week in the Senate. The opportunity for the president of the FNSEA to put an end to “the tyranny of low prices”, calling on senators to take their responsibilities.

Forced to invest in the context of environmental transitions and animal welfare, breeders need more than ever to find added value, at a time when the prices of raw materials are soaring. “We are going to do what we should have done with Egalim”, promised them the Minister of Agriculture after having visited, one by one, the halls of the Rennes exhibition center where the breeding fair is held until until Thursday evening.

Well-being, not abuse

A minister who came to support farmers in the face of societal pressure. Main theme of this 35th edition, “animal welfare should not be confused with animal abuse”, insisted Julien Denormandie. The question is one of the challenges for the future underlines the Minister of Agriculture, on condition of combining it with the well-being of the breeder.

“Treating animal welfare means addressing the future of breeding while guaranteeing our food sovereignty and ensuring the renewal of generations and income”, he defended before recalling his support for producers so that the cost of stopping live castration of piglets and stopping ovosexing “does not rest on the farmer’s income statement. “

Unanswered questions

For the FNSEA and the Young Farmers, concerns remain, despite everything. To begin with, for Thierry Coué, the president of FRSEA Bretagne, “by the sometimes contradictory injunctions” of the regulations and the impossibility, in mixed farming and breeding, to invest in all areas at the same time.

A question to which the minister has not provided an answer. A few months before the French presidency of the European Union, Julien Denormandie has promised to influence the reciprocity of trade so as not to further penalize French farmers.

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