Jordan Bardella, acting president of the RN at only 26 years old – France

First vice-president of the National Rally and loyal lieutenant of Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella will become, as of Monday, the acting president of the movement during the presidential campaign. Often strapped in a navy blue suit, falling more the tie, the native of Seine-Saint-Denis, who will be 26 years old this Monday, will have the task of leading to the presidential election a party shaken by its regional setbacks, but without changing the “opening” line.

This Sunday, Marine Le Pen handed him the reins in Fréjus, where he urged activists to “roll up their sleeves” for the presidential election and attacked the opponents of the candidate for the Elysee. At the end of August, he affirmed, like the polemicist and putative candidate Éric Zemmour, that the conspiracy theory of the “great replacement” pointed to “a reality”, at the risk of contradicting the “demonization” desired by Marine Le Pen.

In a relationship with the daughter of Marine Le Pen’s sister

Of Italian descent, born in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis, the slender young man with a slightly stiff look no longer has his geography student card and now devotes himself “24 hours a day” to party, which he quickly rose through the ranks to become the first vice-president, after leading the RN to victory in the European elections in 2019.

His accession to the head of the party means that it is no longer, for the first time, except for a brief interim between the two rounds in 2017, led by a Le Pen. But he remains in the family since Jordan Bardella lives in a relationship with Nolwenn Olivier, daughter of Marie-Caroline Le Pen, (the older sister of Marine Le Pen), and Philippe Olivier, special advisor to the head of the RN.

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