Jonathan Villar des Mets must dodge the balls rolling along the Padres’ canoe as he chases the popup

Mets third baseman Jonathan Villar suddenly found himself playing dodge ball in a baseball game on Friday night.

Villar was chasing a foul popup hit by the Padres’ Jurickson Profar in the fifth inning. As he approached the San Diego canoe, four or five balls rolled in his direction. Villar even kicked one of the balls but stayed on his feet and managed to catch it.

Were the Padres blatantly cheating? No. The bat boy assigned to the San Diego team knocked over a bucket of balls at the worst possible time.

Obviously, the youngster was trying to avoid contact with Villar and wide receiver James McCann but instead created more problems.

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In the end it wasn’t bad, no foul, but there was a good chance Villar would roll his ankle or knee on this play. He missed two games last week due to strain. hamstring, so he’s not playing in full health either.

At least he was not the object of unsportsmanlike behavior.

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