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Jim Jordan’s team’s pressure tactics backfire


Rep. Jim Jordan’s attempt to gain nearly unanimous support from Republican lawmakers to elect him speaker of the House appears doomed to failure, despite a “pressure” campaign from the Ohio congressman.

On Tuesday, the House will vote on a new speaker after the historic ouster of Kevin McCarthy, with the GOP nominating Jordan for the post after the previous Republican nominee, Rep. Steve Scalise dropped out of the race when it became clear he did not have enough party support to secure a 217-vote majority.

However, just like his predecessor, it appears Jordan may also fail to garner enough support from House Republicans in Tuesday’s vote, with several lawmakers already saying they would not support him for this role.

Due to the Republican Party’s slim majority in the lower house (221 votes to 212), Jordan cannot afford to lose the support of just five House Republicans if he is to be elected president, assuming he gets no votes from Democrats. Following his nomination on October 13, a second secret ballot was held, which found that 55 Republican lawmakers did not support the Ohio congressman’s candidacy for the position.

Jim Jordan, R-OH, speaks to the press as he leaves after a Republican Party caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, October 16, 2023. He may still not not all the votes he needs.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Jordan has spent recent days trying to get the Republican Party to come together as a united front and support him for the House speakership so that the lower chamber can resume its work amid Israel’s war against Hamas and imminent partial government shutdown.

On Monday, Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart said he wasn’t going to vote for Jordan but would support Scalise, while blasting Jordan’s team’s apparent tactics to persuade lawmakers to vote for him.

“If someone is trying to get my vote, the last thing you want to do is try to intimidate me or pressure me, because then I will withdraw completely,” Diaz-Balart told reporters at Capitol.

Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartaz also said she was against Jordan’s strong-arm tactics and forcing a vote for House speaker even though he didn’t have clear party support .

“I truly believe that these intimidation techniques…are not acceptable,” Spartz said via Roll Call. “I didn’t like what Kevin (McCarthy) did last time. And I hope Jim (Jordan) changes his mind about that.”

Jordan’s office has been contacted for comment via email.

It was recently reported that some of Jordan’s allies attempted to intimidate Republican lawmakers who did not support the Ohio congressman’s bid for House speaker. Jordan was endorsed for the position by former President Donald Trump.

On Monday night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity defended himself after discovering that his team had emailed House Republicans who did not support Jordan asking for their reasons, while emphasizing the need to fill the position with all emergency.

Axios reporter Juliegrace Brufke shared the reported email on on them” so that they would vote for him.

“I make no apologies for doing my job and seeking answers from elected officials,” Hannity said on his Fox News show Monday.

Elsewhere, several other House Republicans have publicly said they will not support Jordan in Tuesday’s vote.

Ken Buck of Colorado said he was in the “no” camp when it came to supporting Jordan, while citing that the Ohio congressman was one of 147 Republicans in the House who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Republican representative from Florida. Carlos Giménez, representative. John Rutherford and Mike Lawler of New York said they planned to vote for McCarthy to return to the House speakership.

However, Jordan appears to have persuaded some Republican lawmakers to put aside their differences and support him for the role.

“Do Jim Jordan and I agree on everything? Of course not,” the New York representative said. Marcus Molinaro posted on X. “But he assured me that my voice and the concerns of those I serve in upstate New York will be heard. I will vote for Jim Jordan.”

Representative from Alabama. Robert Aderholt, who previously supported Scalise for the role, posted the day before the vote: “I told Jim Jordan on Friday that I fully support him to become the 56th Speaker of the House.”


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