Jets fan camps outside team facilities provide recognition on future head coach Robert Saleh

Where is the line between passion and obsession?

Fans of the Jets, who largely have nothing but sadness, disappointment and pain for most of the franchise’s existence, consistently stick to this line. The final example: A Jets fan carrying out a stakeout outside the team’s facilities in Florham Park, NJ

With swirling reports that 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was visiting the Jets for a second interview for the team’s head coach opening, Jets fans immediately switched to Defcon 1 – apparently leading a fan camping out outside the facility to get a glimpse of Saleh.

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The photos, highlighting the Jets’ training center, appear to have been taken near bushes on the gravel road. (Or, the parking lot.)

The fan was also tweeting around midnight EST, letting others know he was still in the bushes and had yet to be arrested.

Saleh, one of the top coaching candidates this hiring cycle, would be the Jets’ No.1 option to fill their head coach position this offseason. Reports said he arrived in New Jersey late last night and is continuing his meetings with the front office and owners today, likely to strike a deal.

Up to six teams have requested interviews for Saleh, with the Jets being the first (and only) to want to bring him in for a second interview at this point.

If he were to make a deal and be announced soon, this fan might be the first to shake Saleh’s hand. If he’s still in the bushes.

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