Jean-Marie Le Pen has been infected with Covid-19 – RT in French

The former president of the FN discovered during a blood test two weeks ago traces of antibodies to Covid-19. He had “not guessed” to have had the virus, showing symptoms only of a “bad cold”.

“During a blood test that I perform regularly, it was found that I had antibodies which proved my contact with my friend Covid,” said the co-founder of the National Front (now National Rally) to the AFP on January 13, confirming information from Parisian.

The nonagenarian confided not knowing at what precise moment he had been reached by the virus, estimating to have probably had a “moderate” form of this one, in the form of “bad cold”. “An aggression that I felt in a moderate way”, he explained to the Parisian, specifying that he had “not guessed” that it was the coronavirus and that his blood test was taken two weeks ago.

“So I am in principle relatively protected,” said the former politician, who therefore considers “not necessary for the moment” to be vaccinated but does not rule out doing it “if it is necessary” .

Her daughter and president of RN Marine Le Pen, who recently declared herself “ready to be vaccinated” against the virus when it is her turn, said she “would encourage [ses] relatives who are in a fragile situation ”to be vaccinated. “I am not a fragile loved one, I am a strong loved one!” He replied with a burst of laughter in the columns of the Parisian.

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