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Jean-Éric Branaa: “Joe Biden can’t stand Vladimir Poutine”

Joe Biden has decided to step up his aid to Ukraine with a colossal new aid of $40 billion. Why deploy, in your opinion, such means?

It’s staggering. The United States will increase its aid to Ukraine to a total of 54 billion, which represents France’s annual military budget. This envelope also includes assistance to refugees and aid for vaccination against covid. For the United States, the reason for such an effort is twofold. First, from an ethical perspective: Joe Biden follows the goal of defending democracy against autocracies. He considers that freedoms cannot prosper if countries like Russia are left to rule. Then, from a geostrategic point of view, the Americans regain a foothold in the international concert, after having distanced themselves from their allies, after four erratic years of the Trump presidency. Joe Biden’s new leadership sends a message to the powder keg of Kashmir opposing India and Pakistan or even Taiwan with China.

Our live on the war in Ukraine

It’s a lying poker game where everyone blames each other for everything, and everyone stays in their place in their trenches.

The American intelligence services gave information leading to the elimination of several Russian generals or the Russian flagship, the Moskva. Do you think Joe Biden is donning the costume of the arsonist firefighter?

According to the Pentagon, they gave no such information. In fact, we have to keep up appearances. The United States does not want to be considered co-belligerent, and neither does Putin. It’s a lying poker game where everyone blames each other for everything and everyone stays in their place in their trenches. If one passes over, we will say that we did not see and we will act as if it had not happened. We walk on eggshells. The Americans are in the same situation as during the two world wars, where they did not want to enter the conflict but helped their allies behind the scenes, with these same themes of defending freedoms and the free world in the background.

All the same, doesn’t Joe Biden seem less concerned about a possible humiliation of the Russian bear, unlike Emmanuel Macron, who spares the goat and the cabbage?

Two hours before Emmanuel Macron’s speech in Strasbourg on Monday May 9, where he gave pledges to Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden made the same remarks. This has been the strong point of the allies’ attitude since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. There is strong cooperation taking place. Even if the Americans have changed gear by going faster than everyone on aid to Ukraine, they are making sure not to leave the allies on the side of the road and have not forced the question of the oil and gas embargo on which Europeans depend.

Does the American president, who answered in the affirmative when asked if he believed that Putin was a killer, have a personal hatred against him?

Joe Biden can’t stand Vladimir Putin. In 2015, when he met him in Moscow, he said to him: “You don’t have a soul”. In addition, the American president believes that we should have been much firmer towards him years ago.

Is the bipartisan support that Joe Biden receives on his course of action in Ukraine total?

On the latest $40 billion plan, 368 members of congress voted in favor and 57 against. The latter are the representatives of the American Trumpist far right, close to the QAnon conspiracy movement for some. They champion the idea that every dollar should be spent on Americans. But the Republican Party, which is anti-Putin, remains consistent on the issue. Moreover, when Donald Trump was in power, he had tried to stand up against sanctions aimed at Putin, and the Republican Party had forced him to comply.

What about the confrontation with China, which was supposed to have become the number one priority for the United States?

It’s still a fierce economic battle. However, the US government is working on lifting the taxes put in place by Donald Trump, to bring down inflation, which stands at 8.3%. By lowering customs duties, the administration wants to bring prices down. It is also a sign of lowering tensions, as China is entangled in domestic political problems, particularly in terms of managing the health crisis.

The war in Ukraine is not what motivates Americans to vote. They are today 40% to support the president

Is the war in Ukraine distracting American voters from matters of domestic politics, such as shortages or purchasing power?

No, Joe Biden has neither gained nor lost a point in the polls since February 24. The war in Ukraine is not what motivates Americans to vote. They are today 40% to support the president. The others are more against the man and what he represents than opposed to his politics. There was a craze around the character after his inauguration and until April. Then, the antivax and anti-mask movements marked a libertarian halt to its vaccination campaign against covid. Then, inflation soared. And even if unemployment fell from 14 to 3% in one year, rising prices and shortages are felt. Finally, on the subject of security, the United States recorded a record number of deaths by firearms last year. Domestic politics are therefore not at all favorable to Joe Biden.

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