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Jason Kelce Jokingly Speaks Out About Taylor Swift and Travis Rumors

Has a Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift a love story officially started?

Amid Rumors That Kansas City Chiefs Player and Superstar Singer Are Dating, Travis’ Brother, Another NFL Star Jason Kelce– addressed the speculation during an interview on September 20.

“It’s hard to answer because I don’t know much about Travis’ love life,” Jason said. Joe DeCamara And Jon Ritchie on Audacy SportsRadio 94 WIP. “I try to keep his stuff like his stuff, stay out of that world. But that said, I think he’s doing really well and I think it’s all one hundred percent true.”

“And I hope this thing goes a mile,” he continued. “No, I’m just kidding, I don’t know what’s going on.”

E! News has since confirmed that Jason was indeed joking.

Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, was also asked about his brother’s rumored relationship with Taylor during a postgame interview on September 14. Although he played coy at the time, telling the TNF night glass co-hosts, “I don’t really know what’s going on there. I know Trav is having fun, we’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with.”


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