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It’s time for Biden and Senate Democrats to call for a vote on Build Back Better

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If you asked some, they’d say the sky is falling on the Biden administration. With the path to Build Back Better now blocked due to Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to vote no and the Voting Rights Act stuck in the US Senate, President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda was halted just months before the election mid-term of 2022.

For President Biden, these challenges have been exacerbated by the headwinds of COVID-19 and what they laid bare: inflation, global supply chain slowdowns and mutations in the COVID-19 virus.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York City waits to speak at an event marking one year since the U.S. Capitol Uprising on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 6, 2022 (AP Photo / Susan Walsh, Pool)
(AP Photo / Susan Walsh, Pool)

Given all of these challenges, the truth remains that the sky can only fall if you allow it. This means that President Biden and his team must do everything in their power to change America’s status quo and the melancholy perception voters have of their administration so far.

Now, before we delve deeper into the challenges Biden faces, it’s worth taking the time to elevate his accomplishments during his first year in office. Since getting his hands on the Biden Bible on the western facade of the United States Capitol, President Biden and his team have reduced child poverty across the country by 50%. Beyond that, they enacted an infrastructure bill that will modernize our roads, bridges and airports while removing lead from our aging water pipes and improving broadband access for the Rural and urban America. These achievements follow the appointment by the United States Senate to the federal bench of more black, brown and diversity judges chosen by Biden.

Much to the chagrin of those at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, these accomplishments have been drowned out by the significant challenges we face and the stalemate in Congress that halted Senate legislative action in its tracks.

Since the start of the Biden presidency, President Biden has focused his time on finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing the American people. Solutions that are hugely popular with voters require legislative action from an upper house that seems more interested in getting noticed on television than actually working.

For years, the American people have searched for ways to make prescription drugs more affordable for our seniors and the most vulnerable members of our community. This demand sparked the creation of coupon programs like GoodRX when the right solution lay at the feet of our lawmakers in Washington, DC.

During the same period, working and middle-class families have raised their voices for paid family leave and affordable child and senior care. For many families who run this country, getting sick is a prosecutable offense, and child care costs about $ 16,000 a year on average. They too are looking to lawmakers in Washington, DC for real solutions.

While the Build Back Better plan has solutions to many familiar issues facing the American people, the bill did not get a single Republican vote or even unanimous agreement from Senate Democrats.

This dichotomy presents a clear opportunity for the Biden administration. With the passage of the Build Back Better plan, the Voting Rights Act, and many other features of Biden’s legislative agenda seem unlikely to pass Congress, it is time that President Biden and the Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Call for Vote!

Here’s how the strategy would work. Instead of passing the whole package at once, Democratic leaders must split the larger bill into smaller pieces of legislation and force Republicans to vote them against the floor, in front of the American people.

Even as they block solutions to these problems, GOP lawmakers continue to tell the American people that they support lowering the cost of prescription drugs, providing paid family time off, and lowering the burden of caring for children. and seniors for American families. By calling for a vote, Schumer and his caucus would provide the American people with an opportunity to see the Republican stalemate up close.

It would also allow Congressional Democrats to keep pressing issues on the mind of the American voter while limiting the sting of defeat of a Build Back Better plan that was not passed by the Senate.

Now, to some members of the Democratic Party, that may seem like a non-starter. But here is the truth: Senator Manchin, Senator Krysten Sinema and others are unwilling to change the filibuster rule or create the 50-vote majority to pass the plan through reconciliation; thus, there is no clear path to victory.

While Democrats need to deliver something, they should now focus their attention on calling for the vote, turning to executive decrees and administrative actions to push forward what they can, and pair that with doing the mid- mandate a referendum on the Republican deadlock.


During the Trump presidency, Ivanka Trump became the champion of paid family time off and more affordable child care. While her methods were far from desirable, she, like Biden, had the same goal: to make the lives of middle-class and working-class families a little easier. Ivanka Trump’s support for these issues should make every voter wonder where Republicans stand on the issues facing working-class families, especially with the spread of COVID-19.


While the answer seems obvious, recording their votes gives Biden and the Legislative Democrats a little clue to present an election dossier to their voter base of black, brown, young and working-class Americans bewildered by this pandemic and looking to Washington, DC to act quickly.


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