“It will give football enthusiasm again” – Tripple 44 Academy boss hails abolition of away goals rule

Football administrator supports UEFA’s cancellation of 56-year-old law

The decision to end the away goals rule “will bring football back to life,” said Tripple 44 Academy owner Samuel Olatunji-Okuku.

European football’s governing body UEFA revealed on Tuesday that the law that has existed since 1965 will no longer be applied from the 2021-22 campaign.

Justifying this position, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said the rule “goes against its original purpose” and said it discourages teams from playing attacking football.

In a conversation with Goal, The well-traveled football administrator shares Ceferin’s sentiment – saying abolishing the rule will bring “justice and fairness” to the beautiful game.

“It would bring justice and fairness to the game, whether it’s away or at home. Besides, it will also restore excitement to the game, ”said Olatunji-Okuku. Goal.

“The results of football games have been so predictable since the away goals rule came into play.

“Everyone knows that if you play at home first, the goal is to make sure you don’t concede while the goal of the visiting team is to make sure they don’t concede a lot. goals. “

If the teams score the same number of goals, or if no additional goals are scored, during extra time a penalty shoot-out will be held to determine which team will advance to the next stage.

“For example, let’s say Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma took a goal lead at Camp Nou, it’s almost predictable that he will play so as not to concede at all costs,” he continued.

“So that takes the excitement out of football because teams aren’t directly looking for a win. Instead, they come into the ties with a few hand brakes, which for me reduces the excitement.

“However, we have to give credit to some coaches who have played brilliant football, whether they are away or at home.

“With this verdict, the teams would do everything possible to score goals – which I think is the essence of football and seeks a calculated result.”

The away goals rule has led to some unforgettable moments in knockout games, especially in the Champions League, over the years.

Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-2 victory over Ajax in Amsterdam saw them advance to the final of the competition in 2018-19 via this law.

They had previously silenced Manchester City of Pep Guardiola by the same method in the last eight.


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