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Israel and Gaza Live Updates: US Intelligence Has ‘High Confidence’ Israel Not Responsible for Gaza Hospital Explosion


An official from the US Office of the Director of Intelligence told reporters on Tuesday that the office had updated its assessment of the al-Ahli hospital explosion in Gaza last week, which killed hundreds of people, and declared “with great confidence that Israel was not responsible for the explosion.” blast.”

The official added: “We estimate with low certainty that Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PIJ, was responsible for launching the rocket that landed on the hospital,” the official added, noting that they suspect, based on from their analysis, that the rocket responsible probably suffered a “shock”. catastrophic engine failure.”

The intelligence official said they relied on “intelligence, missile activity, open source videos and images of the incident,” including a review of the effects of the explosion.

“If an Israeli munition was responsible for this explosion, we would expect Palestinian militants to very directly and clearly show what they believe to be an Israeli munition,” the official said. “We examined all the images and in none of them were we able to assess the presence of remnants of Israeli munitions.”

-Cindy Smith of ABC News


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