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Isabelle and Patrick Balkany placed under electronic bracelet to serve their sentence

The Balkany couple will soon be placed under an electronic bracelet in their property in Giverny, in Normandy, in order to serve their conviction for tax fraud, we learned on Friday from the Evreux prosecutor’s office, which confirmed information from BFM TV.

Isabelle and Patrick Balkany with an electronic bracelet. The couple will be equipped with this device in March at their property in Giverny (Eure) where they will serve their sentence for tax evasion, the Evreux prosecutor’s office announced on Friday, September 19, confirming information first given by the BFM channel TV.

“The electronic bracelet will be placed next month for a probationary period of one year with very strict exit schedules and close monitoring by the SPIP” (Penitentiary integration and probation service). This follows a decision by a judge for the application of sentences (JAP) of Évreux, in charge of this case, said the prosecution.

Provisions for those over 70

The adjustment of their sentence of three years, which will be without imprisonment, “is legally possible because of their age (over 70 years)”, according to the same source. Isabelle Balkany, born in September 1947, is 73 years old, and Patrick Balkany, born August 1948, is 72 years old.

“We were judged, condemned, it’s normal because we had made personal mistakes,” reacted to AFP Isabelle Balkany. “It is normal that there is a sanction. It turns out that we are over 70 years old and that the legislation has evolved for people over 70 years old,” she added.

“If I compare this constraint (of the electronic bracelet) to prison, I prefer this constraint,” for his part reacted Patrick Balkany.

If this first phase under electronic bracelet “is well respected”, “they will serve the remainder of the sentence under the mode of the conditional release with always a follow-up, but less strict. Otherwise, the arrangement is of course likely to be withdrawn with classical execution of the sentence, “developed the parquet.

Regarding their property in Giverny, the Balkany couple “still have the right to reside there”, the same source added.

This is because the confiscation of their property was confirmed last June. But with a special arrangement for their residence at the Giverny mill, a share of which should be returned to their children, bare owners.

In May 2020, Patrick and Isabelle Balkany were sentenced on appeal to five and four years respectively in prison for laundering tax evasion, without immediate imprisonment due to their state of health. They lodged an appeal against this last conviction.

In March 2020, the couple had already been sentenced on appeal to three years in prison for tax evasion.

New indictment for Patrick Balkany in early February

At first instance, Patrick Balkany was sentenced to four years, with a committal warrant. He was immediately imprisoned in the prison of Health, where he remained for five months before being released on February 12, 2020, for health reasons.

Patrick Balkany was once again indicted 10 days ago for “abuse of corporate assets”, “illegal taking of interests” and “embezzlement of public funds” in the investigation into suspicion of fraudulent use of premises belonging to the town of Levallois, west of Paris, where he was deputy mayor for years. He was first elected mayor there in 1983.

“I really have nothing to do with this story, so I am extremely confident,” commented Patrick Balkany.

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