is Trump’s United States still the world’s policeman?

America first “. For Donald Trump, worrying about world affairs is no longer in the interests of the United States. Once elected to the White House, he broke off relations with several international institutions, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and withdrew his country from international agreements, such as the one in Paris on the climate. Like his predecessor, Barack Obama, he also castigates the “Endless war” and plans the return of American troops scattered around the globe. Little by little, the “policeman of the world”, who had intervened in twenty-nine countries during the cold war, seems to fade away … Is this really the case?

In this fifth episode of the Mappemonde series, the video team of World goes back to the sources of American foreign policy and questions its place as a world power in the XXIe century.


– Full text of the “Farewell Address”

– Table on the shares of world industrial production (page 3)

– Full text of the Roosevelt corollary

– Andrew Carnegie’s article on US imperialism

– Speech by Charles Lindbergh at Des Moines, in 1941

– GDP per capita in different countries between 1900 and 1960

– American interventions abroad

– American interventions abroad unofficial but later recognized by the CIA

– American opinion polls on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

– Evolution of the American military engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan

– Military budgets around the world

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