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Is the 2024 budget credible? Those informed about the eco of December 2


Every Saturday, two economists debate topics that mark economic and social news.



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The Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris in May 2023 (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

Emmanuel Cugny and Jean-Rémi Baudot receive Nathalie Chusseau, professor of economics at the University of Lille; member of the Demographic Transition and Economic Transition Chair at the Louis Bachelier Institute; And Jean-Hervé Lorenzipresident of the Aix-en-Provence Economic Meetings, author of Virtuous sharing between wages and profits (Ed. Economica).

The government breathed a sigh of relief on Friday, December 1, after the decision of the rating agency S&P Global Ratings to maintain France’s financial rating. The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire was particularly relieved, having estimated that a deterioration in this rating “would result in throwing yet more ‘billions of euros out the window’ to pay debt interest that may still be increased by the markets.”

But what state is the French economy really in? What is his salvation? What about budgetary room for maneuver? What impact on the daily lives of the French?

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