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Is Kelly Ripa ready to retire from live? She says…


“We met almost 30 years ago working together, and we’ve always had a great working relationship,” said the 52-year-old, who met Mark le All my childrensaid The purist. “I love Mark more than I can express. He’s a decent person. He’s just a gentleman. He knows who he is. He’s confident, kind, modest and very humble. He’s irreverent. He understands the absurdity and he finds the humor in everything.”

“That said, he’s also a very serious person,” she added. “He’s focused on his family in a way that seems from another time, and I think we’re a good partnership. We build on each other, and we always have. We’re fiercely loyal and extraordinarily protective, and yet we keep each other laughing, at home and at work.”

In fact, Kelly said some of her favorite episodes of Live are those that involve his family.

“Looking back, I’m so blessed because I have my children, who are now all adults,” she explained. “I have these amazing Christmas segments, cooking segments with them over the years, from when they’re newborns all the way through their lives.”



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