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IRL Best Friends Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix Discover a Family Connection

It’s like The parental trap come to life.

Only this time, instead of twins, long-lost partners and best friends. Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix discovered a family connection that goes back several generations. Lisa recently appeared in Ancestry’s new web series unknown and as she delved into her past, she discovered a connection in her present.

It turns out that if the two friends met on the set of Nancy Meyers film 25 years ago, their grandparents lived just a few blocks from each other in New York. And to make the moment even more special, it was Elaine herself who surprised Lisa Ann with the news.

“I’m going to start crying. Your great-grandparents lived about a block away that way,” the actress told Lisa during the September 18 episode, pointing in one direction to where the two are seated in New York’s Elizabeth Street Garden. “My great-grandparents,” she continued, pointing in the opposite direction, “lived about a block away that way.”

“Shut up,” Abbott Elementary School The star replied: “So you think they knew each other?”

To which Elaine replied: “Of course they knew each other!”