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Iran unveils advanced Kheibar medium-range ballistic missile

Iran’s military on Thursday announced the introduction of a new and improved medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), described as one of the most advanced missiles Iran has ever produced.

The missile is the latest version of the Khoramshahr series of MRBMs, dubbed the Khoramshahr-4 or Kheibar missile.

Kheibar (“Fortress” in Farsi) is one of the most advanced missiles designed by experts from the Aerospace Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense. It is a liquid-fueled missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers and a warhead weighing 1,500 kilograms with impressive strategic and tactical capabilities.

Like other Khorramshahr-class missiles, the Kheibar also has the ability to adjust its trajectory mid-flight, during which the re-entry vehicle is in space – a rare capability on ballistic-type missiles.

Upon reentering the atmosphere, the missile can disable its guidance system, rendering it impervious to electronic warfare attacks that might attempt to disrupt its terminal trajectory.

It should not be confused with the Kheibar Shekan (“Fortress Breaker”) missile of the same name, another MRBM that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) unveiled last year.

The missile also has an incredibly short launch time of just 12 minutes and reaches speeds of Mach 16 outside the atmosphere and Mach 8 inside the atmosphere.

Despite its speed, the Kheibar is not considered a hypersonic weapon, since it uses this speed to climb vertically and its warhead follows a ballistic trajectory.

Defense Minister Brig. General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani oversaw the unveiling, which was part of a ceremony marking the 41st anniversary of Khorramshahr’s liberation in 1982.

“We are taking steps to equip the armed forces in various fields with missiles, drones, air defense, etc., and unveilings will certainly continue in the future,” he said.

Khoramshahr had been essentially wiped out by the Iraqis two years earlier, during the open stages of the invasion that started the Iran-Iraq War. The city was fiercely defended by Iranian troops and civilians, which delayed the invading Iraqi forces enough to allow the Iranian army to regroup and form defensive lines deeper inside Khuzestan .

Akbar Ahmadian, “trenchmate” of Soleimani, becomes the new president of the Iranian Security Council

The missile is also being unveiled at a time when Iran faces growing threats from Israel and its tensions with the United States remain high.

Earlier this week, Israel Defense Forces Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi boasted of the IDF’s alleged ability conduct airstrikes against facilities used by Iran’s nuclear program.
The United States and Iran still have failed to reach an agreement revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which means that US sanctions against Iranian industries remain in place, and US politicians who want to position themselves so strongly on foreign policy have began to impose new sanctions on Iran too.
The Kheibar isn’t the only new missile Iran has developed either: Earlier this month, the IRGC announced a new long range cruise missile with precision strike capabilities and longer range than the US Tomahawk missile.

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