investigation opened in Paris into the alleged espionage of journalists – RT in French

The Paris prosecutor’s office on July 20 opened an investigation into the alleged espionage of French journalists, including the infiltration of phones by the Israeli software Pegasus on behalf of the Moroccan state, which contests it.

While a media consortium claimed that the Moroccan state had spied on French journalists through Israeli software Pegasus, the Pris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on July 20.

Ten offenses, including “invasion of privacy”, “interception of correspondence”, “fraudulent access” to a computer system and “association of wrongdoers”, will be studied. It follows the complaint filed by the Mediapart site, two journalists were said to have been spied on, to which must be added a similar complaint from the Chained duck.
Questioned, Rabat denied any involvement.

Details to follow …

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