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investigation opened after the death of a man in an inflatable game




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France 3

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France 3 – K. Prévost, A. Martiniky, P.-J. Perrin, M. Julliand, V. Hove, L. Barbier

France Televisions

A 35-year-old father did not survive his injuries after the accident in a Var park on Sunday July 30. The inflatable structure, in which he was with his daughter, was carried away by a gust of wind before crashing 50 meters further.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Monday, July 31, the investigators of the gendarmerie begin a meticulous work. They sift through every element of the inflatable structure to understand the origin of the fatal accident. Open since June, the attraction was swept away by a 55km/h wind on Sunday July 30. She took with her a father, as well as her four-year-old daughter. The man died during the night, while the vital prognosis of the little girl is still engaged.

A failure in the installation?

A neighbor, who witnessed the scene, is frightened by what she saw. “We were on the terrace and suddenly it shocked us because we saw the structure which was above the trees (…), we saw it crashing right next to it, at neighbors”she reports. For her, all the security measures have not been taken, especially since a structure had already flown away last week. Was there a failure in the installation? The town hall of the commune today rejects all responsibility on the operator. An investigation has been opened for injuries and manslaughter.



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