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Here at TechCrunch, we spend most of our time talking to the founders. Investors are probably number two, but it is certainly the founders at the top of the list. It shows in our articles and events, but even with everything we do there, it only scratches the surface of the many interesting stories to tell.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you Found, a new weekly TechCrunch podcast dedicated to founders and the stories behind startups. Each episode includes an interview with a different founder, with myself and TechCrunch editor-in-chief Jordan Crook as the hosts.

These aren’t your typical startup founders conversations or pitches – they’re open, honest discussions about what it’s really like to start a business and why you would want to do that to get started. The founders tell us what motivated them to try to tackle big problems and put their financial success at risk, and what they had to overcome along the way to make their start-up dreams come true.

In our first batch of episodes, you’ll hear about an epiphany on top of a literal mountain; move from teenage roaming to running an artificial intelligence business; crown a medical degree with world-class business training to assemble a unique toolkit for entrepreneurship; and find inspiration for a world-changing company that essentially collects dust in NASA labs.

Found talks about all of the above, but it’s also about hearing real stories from real founders around the world on how they’ve been successful in doing things like raising venture capital, turning their businesses around. and building a team from scratch.

Our first episode premieres tomorrow – Friday, April 9 – but you can subscribe to Apple Podcasts or Spotify (or wherever you find your podcasts) right now to listen to the trailer and get the premiere when it’s available. New episodes will be released every week after that on Friday afternoon.

We love the conversations we’ve had so far on Found, and we think you will.

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