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INFO EUROPE 1 – “This year, it’s over”: the prices of toys will not increase at Christmas, assures the boss of JouéClub

After food, energy and toys, will they also be affected by inflation this year? Concern is great as Christmas approaches, when more and more French people are struggling to keep their budget in balance. Invited to the microphone of Europe 1, Jacques Baudoz, the general manager of JouéClub, wanted to be reassuring. “For two years, there have been price increases, it’s true, on the toy market, but this year, it’s over,” he says at the microphone of Europe 1.

“There will even be price cuts”, urges the director of the toy giant, “because there are some products that come from outside, especially from Asia, on which the cost of transport, which was very impacting large products, will go down”.

Have a fair price for the consumer

In 2021 and until mid-2022, the container price had exploded due to the recovery in global economic activity, before gradually returning to more acceptable prices since the beginning of 2023. “For example , for a very large plush, when the price of the container is multiplied by ten (as was the case at the end of the Covid-19 crisis, editor’s note), the share of the price of transport in the price of the plush is enormous . Especially because we put very little in it”, underlines Jacques Baudoz.

“So we’re going to lower the prices on these products,” he said, adding that the company does not want to catch up on its prices because of the increase in invoices last year. “It’s important for us that the price is what customers expect. At home, we are used to saying: ‘We want the right price for the consumer’. This is our leitmotif For years. We are independents. We know our customers very well, we meet them every day. So, we want to be credible vis-à-vis them in the prices we offer them because it is essential for a business leader”, he concludes at the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag.