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In the next elections, I will remember François Legault of 2023


François Legault does not seem to be doing well these days.

Seeing all these workers in our public sectors repeatedly brandishing signs in the street, we can understand the climate that reigns between a large part of the population and the Quebec government.

I have the impression that in general, many Quebecers can no longer stand being treated with arrogance by ministers or even by their prime minister, especially when, for example, they are not even not embarrassed to vote for more than considerable salary increases.

I hope that in the next election, we will remember the harm that François Legault is currently causing to the Quebec population.

For an informed choice

We will not go to the polls right away, the next provincial general elections are scheduled for October 5, 2026.

Between now and then, so much can happen.

Perhaps with further tax cuts, Mr. Legault will be able to solidify his electoral base, we don’t know.

The future can be so unpredictable that it could be that, following a big scandal, our Prime Minister resigns from his post.

Perhaps François Legault will even wake up one fine morning with the real desire to work hand in hand with the pillars of our public sectors, but hey I am aware that I am perhaps dreaming too colorfully…

Regardless of what happens in the coming years, I think that by 2026, it will be essential to remember how we personally felt under his governance in the fall of 2023 in order to make an informed choice in the elections.

Far be it from me to cultivate unhealthy resentment, I just want to make sure I don’t forget.



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