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in the face of inflation, the worrying success of salary installments

Margaux Fodere
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10:48 a.m., September 07, 2023

The financial balance of the French seems more and more precarious. While the cost of living has increased sharply since the end of the Covid crisis, and particularly since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, a new trend is gaining momentum in France. According to a latest Ipsos poll for the Secours Populaire, nearly one in five French people live in the open.

So, more and more employees are asking for a salary advance. Worse, the sums requested are greater this year. Thus, the average amounts of installments released by employees have increased from 123 euros in 2022 to 205 euros in 2023 on the Spayr platform, an on-demand salary payment solution.

Ever increasing amounts

“I made a request for a deposit of 500 euros yesterday, and today it is in my bank account”. Salary installments like this, Mouna, a handler, requests them almost every month. If she has always had the reflex of the deposit, she had never asked for such amounts until recently. “On the 12th of the month, I receive my salary. And after that, I pay all my bills. Except that everything has increased. So, to avoid overdraft authorized, I ask for a deposit”, she explains at the microphone of Europe 1.

Like her, more and more employees are using it. So much so that since last June, the group of employers where she is employed uses an application to process requests as quickly as possible. “In the space of a year, we noticed that there were more and more people asking for deposits,” said Jean-Eudes Morante, business manager at 1pact. “It’s about 50% of our workforce who are concerned, whereas before, we were more like 30 to 40%”, he adds.

Carefully considered requests

With the equivalent of a minimum wage and under the pressure of inflation, Cherifa has reluctantly become a follower of installments. But she does not want to abuse it: “You have to take what you need, no more. Because you tell yourself that you can take a deposit, that it doesn’t matter and hop, the gear is gone “, she launches.

And to avoid aggravating the situation for employees, for installments greater than 500 euros, Mouna and Cherifa’s employer carefully looks at the request to ensure that it is reasonable for the employee.