In Saint-Brieuc, the fight against wind turbines mobilizes fishermen from all over France – Brittany

This Saturday, May 29 in Saint-Brieuc, they came from Port-en-Bessin, Ouistreham and Tréport (Normandy), Crotoy-Saint-Firmin (Hauts-de-France), Ile d’Oléron and from Saint-Jean-de-Luz (New Aquitaine), from Saint-Raphaël and from Toulon (Provence Alpes Côtes-d’Azur) to support their fellow fishermen from Brittany in their fight against wind turbines in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc.

And the result is undoubtedly up to the expectations of the organizers of the event. Nearly 800 people, according to the police, followed the movement between the SNCF station of Saint-Brieuc and the Prefecture. A figure much higher than the rally of May 3 which had gathered about 350 people.

From Crotoy to Toulon, via Saint-Jean de Luz

The difference is therefore this nationalization of the conflict that materialized on Saturday. Philippe Évrard, mayor of Crotoy-Saint-Firmin in the Somme can attest to this. “If I did 600 km to come to Saint-Brieuc, it was to defend on-board fishing but also shore fishing”, declared the elected official.

Philippe Évrard, mayor of Crotoy-Saint-Firmin in the Hauts de France, made 600 km to show his solidarity with the fishermen of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. (The Telegram / Lionel Samson)

Arnaud, fisherman in Saint-Jean de Luz, agrees. “We came out of solidarity and to denounce all these aberrant offshore wind projects. We must defend artisanal fishing”. Johnny Wahl, vice-president of the Nouvelle Aquitaine regional committee, for his part recalled that they had voted against all offshore wind projects. “Industrialists will eat us up with the complicity of politicians”, proclaims – he. What about these fishermen from the Var, Saint-Raphaël and Toulon, to support their Breton counterparts? “The battle of Saint-Brieuc concerns all lovers of the sea”, declares Pierre Morera, president of the local fishing committee of Toulon.

Actions by fishermen in the coming weeks

So obviously, Alain Coudray, the president of the Côtes-d’Armor fisheries committee did not hide a certain satisfaction in the face of the mobilization. “Thank you for coming for this fight which is just beginning,” he said, addressing the crowd. A little further, Julien Tréhorel, one of the symbols of the fight against wind power, brought a Frisian into the ranks of the demonstrators. “We have to fight to keep our Brittany as it is,” he blurted out euphoric. We can still intervene to stop this wind turbine project ”. The artisanal fisherman from Erquy, as he calls himself, has also announced actions from the fishermen in the coming weeks.

PHOTO Lionel Le Saux / LE TELEGRAMME. SAINT-BRIEUC (22): About 400 people, including fishermen and various activists of associations and elected officials, demonstrated in the city center of Sai
Some smoke and firecrackers brightened up a demonstration which also took place in peace in front of the Prefecture of Saint-Brieuc. (Lionel Le Saux / The Telegram)

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