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in Roubaix, more than 15% of inhabitants in energy poverty


From Tuesday August 1, regulated electricity prices will increase by 10% in France. In Roubaix, in the North, this new increase will further weaken people in precarious situations who often live in poorly insulated housing, even in thermal sieves.

If the prices of certain consumer products are due to fall this summer, regulated electricity prices will increase from this Tuesday, August 1st. According to the government, the average increase for the general public will be 160 euros per year. In total, since 2021, the regulated electricity tariff will have increased by 31%.

Increases that penalize more and more homes in fuel poverty. Guilaine lives in Roubaix, in the North, tenant of her accommodation for thirteen years, she already monitors her bills with a magnifying glass and applies all the small gestures on a daily basis to try to save. But the result remains the same.

>> Why will the regulated electricity tariff increase by 10% on August 1?

“I unplugged my TV. But I tell myself that in fact, it is useless: even if we make an effort, why save money if you receive so many bills? I do everything, but there is no has no savings.” At the end of the month, he has about 110 euros left to live on. With this new rise in electricity prices, it will have to deprive itself a little more. “I can eat ham or sandwiches, but rarely meat, we can’t afford it anymore.”

15% of the population in fuel poverty

Rabia earns around 940 euros per month. She lives with her four children in poorly insulated accommodation, which heats up despite the draughts. After several unpaid bills, her supplier even lowered the energy output at her home. “To save money, I only ask for that, to consume better. But we don’t have the tools and we don’t have the means. We are poorly housed. You have children, you have to heat walls that are poorly insulated, moldy…”

The European Metropolis of Lille estimates that approximately 15% of its population is in energy poverty and it is a little more in Roubaix. To the question of income, which is lower than the French average, is added that of housing.

“We know that we have a vast renovation movement that is necessary, that we have already started.”

Audrey Linkenheld

at franceinfo

Audrey Linkenheld is vice-president of the metropolis in charge of ecological transition and energy“We have a lot of old housing in this metropolis, in particular private housing which is several decades old and which was never insulated when it was built, but also social housing for those which date from before the 1970s. We renovate thousands of homes a year. But we still have fairly ambitious renovation targets.”

Among these objectives: to renovate up to 5,000 private dwellings per year in the metropolis, compared to approximately 3,000 today.



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