In Reims, a stabbed teenager, two schoolchildren in custody – France

The vital prognosis of the victim, who “suffers from several particularly serious injuries to the head”, is committed, said the prosecutor of Reims, Matthieu Bourrette.

The altercation between the two 14-year-old college students, educated in the same establishment in Reims, but in different classes, took place around noon on Wednesday. According to the first elements, “one of the minors, for a reason which remains to be determined, would have attacked with a bladed weapon such as a knife the other minor, and seriously injured him”.

The prosecutor’s appeal not to broadcast the video

The alleged assailant was quickly arrested, on his way home, and taken into custody for attempted murder of a minor under 15. A 14-year-old teenage girl from the same college filmed the scene and was taken into custody for “happy slapping”, a phrase that refers to filming someone’s physical assault, which which is a constituent element of complicity in acts of aggravated violence.

Adolescents “are completely unknown to the police and justice,” said the magistrate. “Any distribution of a video showing this attack constitutes an offense”, he insisted, asking “both to respect the law, and the dignity of people, not to broadcast the video of the aggression ”.

The prosecution requested the victim support association France 51 victims to help take care of the family. The investigation is entrusted to the Reims police station.

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