In Pluvigner, their all-water tank makes their house uninhabitable – Brittany

“This is our first child, we wanted to prepare as well as possible for his arrival. But with this story, we can no longer anticipate anything. We can no longer project ourselves. Distress is felt in the voices of Audrey Pruvost and Estelle Maurer as they relate what happened to them. “This story” is that of their home, a beautiful wooden house between Pluvigner and Sainte-Anne d’Auray (56), made uninhabitable by the rise of their all-water pit.

The pit came out of the earth

It all started on June 14 when the two young women called in a technician to empty their pit. “When we bought the house in 2020, the pit had not been emptied. It had to be done, ”explains Audrey Pruvost. The company, Ria Environnement, empties and leaves without refilling the plastic pit. “We wanted him to do it. He refused, saying that it was not necessary ”, underlines Estelle Maurer. To prevent the pit from moving, the two women decide to fill it themselves with their garden hose. A long operation given their low water flow.

Two days later, heavy rains fell on Morbihan and their land, classified as “wet”, was soaked in water. On the morning of June 17, the couple can only see the damage. “I saw that the pit had moved, that it was going up. The slats on the terrace were cracking. Everything was jumping. In the space of one night, their septic tank was completely out of the ground making the toilet, shower, sink and sink impractical. And their house, uninhabitable.

On the morning of June 17, the pit cracked down on their entire terrace. (The Telegram / Pierre Jequier-Zalc)

No amicable settlement

Since that day, young women have been trying to find a solution. The company, Ria environnement, refused an amicable settlement. “Nothing said that we had to replenish water, our technicians are used to it so until proven guilty, I trust them. We are not necessarily at the origin of the problem so I preferred to ask for a contradictory expertise, explains the side of the company. If the experts say it’s our fault, we’ll take responsibility. “

In the middle of summer, the deadlines for organizing a contradictory expert’s report are long. A date is set for August 31. “We sent emails to try to move forward, in vain,” breathes Audrey Pruvost. “The schedules of our experts are pre-planned. The first date available is in fact August 31 at the earliest, ”explains the consulting firm commissioned.

Neither compensated nor relocated

“Once the expertise has been completed, there are still delays, the work has to be done. It is likely to drag on while the term of Estelle’s pregnancy is early October, ”sighs Audrey Pruvost. So far, the couple has neither been compensated nor rehoused. “Our home insurance told us that this disaster did not fit into any box. Contacted, the insurance did not wish to answer our questions. In the meantime, the two women live with Audrey’s mother, in an apartment in Guidel (56), accompanied by their two dogs. “We have lost all privacy and we cannot calmly prepare for the birth of our child. We can’t see the end. It’s hell. “

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