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In Lyon, environmentalists win against Vinci

At the helm of the metropolis and the town hall of Lyon, environmentalists want to make an impression, without fear of disrupting local habits. After taking over water management from the Veolia group, depriving the global giant of a market of around 90 million euros per year, the metropolitan executive has just twisted Vinci’s arm, taking control of a highly symbolic real estate project. The executive of the metropolis has decided to pilot the construction of a housing complex that was promised to the powerful developer, in the highly prized district of Croix-Rousse, in Lyon. For Vinci, it was a question of erecting a real estate complex in place of a former disused college, in a sector where the price of real estate figures at the top of the charts of the capital of Gaul. It is in this 4e district that the selling price had reached 10,000 euros per square meter for a studio, a record in the midst of an election campaign.

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“We want to make housing more decent and more accessible, regulate rents and rebalance the territory. Government policy has amplified the problems, our community must give itself more proactive tools than in the past ”, declared Bruno Bernard, president (EELV) of the metropolis of Lyon, presenting the operation of the Croix-Rousse, Wednesday February 3. The newly elected officials have planned to inject 518 million euros into housing, out of the 3.6 billion euros of their multi-year investment program (PPI), voted at the last metropolitan council, on January 25. The mandate plan aims to build 6,000 social housing units per year, including 1,000 for home ownership, by 2026.

Framed resale price

The Maurice-Scève college, named after the Lyon author of Loose in the XVIe century, was built on the land of the birthplace of Joseph Henri Grouès, known as Abbé Pierre, after his name as a resistant. Closed due to insanitary conditions, the old college was then occupied by unaccompanied minors, then African migrants, supported by a very active associative network. “In the midst of“ boboïstan ”, the birthplace of the founder of Emmaus simply could not turn into a speculative site”, insists the entourage of the president of the metropolis.

The future together is entirely “Affordable”, with 40% of social rental housing, and 60% in home ownership for low-income households, under the ceilings of the social rental-home loan (PSLA). A real solidarity lease system (BRS) must regulate the resale price, to avoid overbids. In addition to housing, the metropolis wishes to preserve public access to the esplanade at the rear of the building, with a breathtaking view of the Tête d’Or park and the chain of the Alps on the horizon.

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