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At the age of 80, Eugène Riguidel cast off on Monday, and will only turn back if Orange does not anchor near the hamlet of Kergoulec, in Landaul: “I started my hunger strike and I will undoubtedly put my health in danger, but my coffin will have to be painted orange ”. In his fight, Eugène and his wife Brigitte are not alone. They received nearly 300 supporters this Thursday, during the organized rally, not far from the basin where a relay antenna 36 m high must stand. “I am not against the 5G antenna of Landaul, I am against all these antennas”, launches Eugene, to the cheers. Among the crowd, the new mayor of Landaul, Dominique Ollivier-Frankel, recalls that she did not validate the choice of her predecessor. “The government has put in place laws (article 62 of the Élan law on the deployment of 5G) to suppress participatory democracy. Today, the mayor no longer has any right to oppose the projects ”. Eugene, like the chosen one, strongly deplores Orange’s lack of communication and the opacity of decisions.

Nearly 300 people supported the hunger strike started by Eugène Riguidel. (The Telegram / Gwen Rastoll)

“The only sufficient mobile coverage”

This is defended by Damien de Kerhor, Orange Brittany regional delegate: “There was a phase of discussion, with elected officials, but also a phase of appeal. The file has been validated since the end of 2019. We are absolutely not against dialogue, and even if it has already taken place, we will continue ”. The regional representative of the Orange group also explains the choice of this basin: “We studied seven sites in the town. It is a project that does not come out of the hat, and on which we have been working since 2018. There were indeed, on his proposals, two sites on the influence of a quarry, but they were not selected because ‘they couldn’t provide sufficient mobile coverage’. The land chosen would be the only one that meets all the criteria. “We have integrated all the elements. Landaul is a municipality subject to the Coastal Law. Our request was of course validated by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR). We also obtained the mayor’s agreement, certainly from the previous term… ”.

In Landaul, a pitfall named Eugene against the relay antenna strategy [Vidéo]
(The Telegram / Gwen Rastoll)

3G and 4G but not 5G

The Orange regional delegate also relies on the request for blanket zone coverage: “The health crisis and teleworking have increased this work. We are responding to a real demand; this does not contradict the deployment of fiber, which is complementary. There, these are antennas that are developing mobile coverage ”. The large network of the territory, with new branches which bloom every month, would also be justified: “These are branches which have very low powers, to meet the standards”, assures Damien de Kerhor. He assures us that the relay antenna will have 3G and 4G technology, but not 5G: “There will be two operators. We cannot speak for the second (Free), but for us, it is not planned. There would be lengthy procedures if we wanted to change that. Everything was done according to the rules of the art and it would be difficult to go back by choosing another place. It would be to erase years of work and start over several years ”.

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