in Italy, a retirement home installs a “wall of hugs” – RT in French

A retirement home in northern Italy has decided to break the loneliness of its residents by installing transparent plastic protection allowing them to see and touch their loved ones without risking being contaminated by Covid-19.

A retirement home in the Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto (Veneto) has found a somewhat special solution to cope with the loneliness of its residents: a “wall of hugs”, which acts as a protective barrier against Covid infection -19 while allowing visitors to keep physical contact with their loved ones.

This wall is made up of a flexible plastic protective screen, allowing families to hug their loved ones or shake their hands, while respecting the health safety rules that have been imposed in this period of epidemic. of Covid-19, a particularly dangerous disease for our seniors.

An inspiration from the “incubator that welcomes premature babies”

The director of the retirement home, Elisabetta Barbato, says she had this idea “thinking of the incubator that welcomes premature babies”. Protective screens with gloves and headsets with microphone for communication make it possible to “bring families together while protecting them, like in an incubator”.

Elisabetta Barbato explained that this facility was beneficial for the residents – who suffer particularly from loneliness – offering them “a whole series of improvements” on the cognitive and behavioral levels. The residents’ relatives also seem to have been excited about this new way of staying in touch with their elders.

Italy is again facing a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. This week saw the highest number of deaths from the disease in more than six months, it now stands at over 47,000.

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