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In Arzon, the doctor and her husband were assaulted in front of the doctor’s office – Arzon

This Tuesday, the emotion is palpable in the tourist town. It could have remained an unfortunately banal incivility: the breakage of a car mirror. This Monday, September 13 at 6 p.m. in Arzon, a 19-year-old cook, visibly very alcoholic, gets out of a car in which there are two other men and attacks a vehicle parked in front of the residence where his employer l ‘hosts. But in the car, there is a little boy of 9 years old. Back from school, he waits for his parents to finish their work at the doctor’s office.

Gratuitous violence

“I went out to ask the young man to stop,” said the father, Nicolas Le Boulicaut, 48, medical assistant. The answer ? A punch in the face. “I am from Arzon. I have never seen such gratuitous violence, ”he admits, dumbfounded.

Witnesses would then have tried to calm the situation but the father then receives a slap from another man who also got out of the car! Hearing the screams of her little boy, the doctor, Mylla Le Boulicaut, goes out in turn. “I was able to lock my husband and my son in my office to reduce violence,” she says. Then the young man hits her too in the face and breaks the handle of the door, in front of the patients.

There, we touch a mythical body: a doctor

Arrived before the gendarmeries, the mayor, Roland Tabard, wanted to speak publicly about these facts. “This time it’s stop! Attacks exist everywhere, but we have the feeling of a degradation in the islands and coastal communities this summer, still against a background of alcohol and drugs. There, we touch a mythical body: a doctor. Throughout the summer, they did 80 consultations and handled over 250 calls per day. It is unacceptable. I am very affected ”.

To stay or to go?

This Tuesday morning, Doctor Le Boulicaut assured his consultations, then his vaccination appointments. But before going to file a complaint like her husband, she admits: “It’s not going. I worked in psychiatry, I received a stab in the hand and I continued: it was the risks of the job. In the six years that I have been living in Arzon, I had never been confronted with violence. Neighborhood problems with seasonal workers had given rise to a petition in the residence last year. But this time, a milestone has been crossed.

Mylla Le Boulicaut, doctor, and her husband, Nicolas, were assaulted late Monday afternoon in front of and in Arzon’s medical office. (The Telegram / Catherine Lozach)

The couple has already met their attacker on the spot. Still in the throes of emotion, feeling threatened and wanting to protect their son, they think about leaving. Their arrival in the town in 2015 was a great relief. For years, Arzon had been looking for new practitioners. A dynamic has been set in motion: a fourth doctor must arrive and the cabinet “move to more spacious premises in the first quarter of 2022” details the mayor, since the medical house project is blocked.

An affected company

Employer of the young man, Virginie Adam, collateral victim, is sorry. “It wouldn’t be fair for the Le Boulicauts to leave. “. She seeks to understand the behavior of her employee. “The system is killing our young people and our businesses. They are not trained to be adults. They ask to be respected, but only know their rights, do not assume. “Throughout the season, the opening of his restaurant Le Grand Largue was held by a thread. “I’m worried,” she admits. The Le Boulicauts take a few days off to see more clearly. An investigation by the gendarmerie is underway and the respondent has been heard.

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