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The contractor broke the wall of Amber Trucke’s newly renovated bathroom with a mallet. Amber trucke

  • A contractor in Colorado used a mallet to break the walls of a bathroom that he had just finished renovating.

  • The uproar was in response to his client, Amber Trucke, owing him a final payment of $ 4,225.

  • Trucke told Insider that it withheld the payment because it was not satisfied with the “horrible” renovation.

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An “angry” Colorado contractor returned to a client’s home to destroy a bathroom he had just remodeled due to a $ 4,225 payment dispute, viral images show.

Terry Gregory, co-owner of Dream Home Remodels in Colorado Springs, can be seen in the viral video using a mallet to break the tiles in the newly renovated room.

“We spent weeks on this, thousands of dollars on this,” Gregory says, in images recorded by a neighbor, before continuing to destroy the walls.

The contractor reportedly decided to destroy the renovation last Saturday because his client, Amber Trucke, was behind on a payment.

Trucke, the director of community relations at a senior housing center, told Insider that she paid $ 3,330 of the $ 7,555 owed for the renovation, but refused to release the final payment until she was satisfied with the finished product.

She went to inspect the bathroom last Thursday and told Insider, during a phone interview, that she had been disappointed. “I wanted to open the door and see this bathroom and be really excited,” she said. “But instead, and I’m not going to lie, I’m looking at it and it really didn’t look good to me. It was horrible.”

Images show a contractor ‘angry’ with a sledgehammer destroying a client’s bathroom renovation over a $ 4,225 payment dispute

Amber Trucke said she was unhappy with her bathroom renovation. Amber trucke

Trucke said that later that day, she sought advice from members of a Facebook group for DIY enthusiasts on whether the renovation was up to the task. He claims he received “hundreds” of responses advising that the bathroom needed a “total makeover.”

“There were holes in the grout, the tiles were out of alignment, they put in chipped tiles, things were crooked, the tiles were different sizes, you can’t fix that,” Trucke said.

Images show a contractor ‘angry’ with a sledgehammer destroying a client’s bathroom renovation over a $ 4,225 payment dispute

Some of the tiles used in the bathroom renovation were chipped. Amber trucke.

He said Jordan Cazares, Gregory’s wife, sent an email the next day demanding the balance owed. “I kept saying that I wouldn’t pay them until I inspected the final product,” Trucke said.

At 11 p.m. into this exchange, the director of community relations said that Gregory and Cazares came to her home with a mallet and a crowbar while she was working in her office.

An “angry” Gregory began smashing through the walls as Trucke’s roommate and neighbor watched in horror, he said. Her neighbor recorded the incident and sent it to Trucke.

Trucke said he has since reported the incident to police. Insider contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department to determine if a complaint had been filed, but did not immediately receive a response.

Gregory and Cazares told that they intend to take Trucke to small claims court for the money they say he owes. Insider reached out to the couple for comment, but did not receive a response.

Trucke said the event left her traumatized. “My sense of security is gone,” he told Insider. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go home and relax again. Every car door I hear, I look out the window. That’s really pitiful over $ 4,000.”

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