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I was cut off as a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding after spending thousands – so I’m going on vacation instead


Reddit users have rallied in support of a woman who claims she was kicked out of her brother’s wedding after spending thousands of dollars as a bridesmaid.

User “trashgirlfriend” posted to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” (AITA) subreddit on July 4, asking others, “WIBTA if I go on vacation instead of my brother’s wedding?”

“WIBTA” stands for “Would I be the asshole” and is used when a person has not yet committed the action that would consider them an “asshole”.

In the post, the Redditor explained that she is a 26-year-old woman with a 36-year-old brother, “Tom,” who is marrying a woman named “Sarah.”

While “Tom” and his sister apparently weren’t very close due to their age differences, the bride-to-be asked her future sister-in-law to be a bridesmaid at the upcoming wedding, which is will be held in September.

“I thought I was only asked out of courtesy since I’m his future sister-in-law, but I took it seriously anyway,” she said.

The wedding planning process took two years, she said — and she was involved the whole time.

“Just a few weeks ago I managed to save up to buy the $800 bridesmaid dress. , lunches, clothes, etc. I spent thousands of dollars,” she wrote in her post.

“Eventually, all the girls at the wedding and I became extremely close, and I started to get excited for the wedding.”

A woman on Reddit plans to skip her brother’s wedding after his fiancee decides to pull her out of the wedding.

However, the bride-to-be recently changed her mind – and decided she doesn’t want “trashgirlfriend” at her wedding party anymore.

“Sarah has recently become close with her brother’s wife Becky (30f),” the Reddit poster wrote. “Last week she told me that she no longer wanted me to be a bridesmaid and that she would rather have Becky take my place.”

While the trash girlfriend said it broke her heart to be taken out of the wedding, she added that “it’s her wedding, and it’s not for me to tell her how to handle it, so I said that was fine.”

But when she then attempted to return the expensive bridesmaid dress, she discovered that Sarah had planned for her to give the dress to the new bridesmaid.

“Sarah was completely appalled and said Becky was going to wear it since she and I are the same size,” trashgirlfriend wrote.

“I said it would be nice, but they would have to pay me the $800 for it. Sarah said Becky couldn’t afford it and I should just be nice and let her use it – and said that I might keep it after the wedding,” the Redditor wrote.

At that point, her trashy girlfriend, she said, refused to put the dress back on — and “after some arguing, I ended up taking it and leaving.”

She wrote: ‘My brother and Sarah tried to compromise with me and said I could be ‘the assistant florist’ and I felt offended by the offer. After I said no, they then said Becky could give me $250 for the dress.

The decision came after the woman spent thousands of dollars to become a bridesmaid.
The decision came after the woman spent thousands of dollars to become a bridesmaid.

Trashgirlfriend said she was able to return the dress for a full refund – then told her brother and his future wife she would not attend their wedding because they had been “extremely disrespectful” to her.

“Today my co-worker says she has an extra round trip plane ticket to Miami which she will sell me for half price plus I would have to pay half the hotel and I can go hang out with her in Florida,” she wrote. “The only downside is that I will be in Florida for the week of my brother’s wedding.”

“So would I be the asshole if I just party in Miami instead of going to my brother’s wedding?”

On the AITA subreddit, people can reply to posts and mark the poster as “NTA” (“Not the asshole”), “YTA” (“You’re the asshole”), “NAH” (” No A–holes here”) or “ESH” (“Everybody sucks here”).

In the nearly 5,000 replies to the post before it was blocked for further replies, nearly everyone sided with the trash girlfriend as “NTA.”

“A 26-year-old florist assistant? Really? How insulting,” Reddit user “Prudent_Plan_6451” wrote in one of the top comments.

“OP, one of the benefits of declining an invitation is that you don’t have to give a gift. A congratulatory card is all etiquette requires. And I think you have already spent too much (both literally and emotionally) on this wedding,” Prudent_Plan_6451 wrote.

“NTA, they disrespected you, so you don’t have to be there if you don’t want to. They literally pulled you out as a bridesmaid after making you spend so much money,” “vidadeleeda” said.

“I’m proud of you for returning the dress instead of letting them step on you and take it for free,” the user added.

“NTA. They treated you with such disrespect that even if you didn’t have a better offer, not going to the wedding is still the right choice,” Redditor “CrystalQueen3000” said.

In an updated post, trashgirlfriend said even her mom was supportive of her decision to skip her brother’s wedding instead of a vacation.

“So unfortunately since Reddit is awful at keeping secrets Becky saw the post on TikTok so obviously she let the cat out of the bag,” trashgirlfriend wrote in a July 6 post on AITA.

“I used fake names but I guess talking about an $800 dress and getting kicked out of a wedding was weirdly specific,” she wrote.

Although she said her “whole family was divided” over what should be done, “after a heated argument it was mutually agreed that I will not be attending the wedding.”

“My brother and (future sister-in-law) don’t seem to understand that it’s not about the dress but how they treated me,” she wrote.

Trashgirlfriend said her mother – her only living relative – paid for her hotel stay in Miami.

“I think it’s safe to assume which side she’s low key on,” she wrote.

“I’m going to have an amazing time in Miami and I won’t feel guilty in the least thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received here.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to trashgirlfriend for additional comment.


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