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I tried the Haus Labs concealer that Lady Gaga needs in her routine

I’ve been testing the concealer for over a month now and wearing it all day at Disneyland, during an intense HIIT workout. And by a temperature of 100 degrees in Texas. No matter what situation I put it in, the product remained intact.

By the end of the night, my lipstick had faded and my eyeshadow was long gone, but my complexion, especially the areas where I had applied concealer, looked radiant and fresh. And while I had my doubts at first — after all, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when there are so many products to choose from these days — the makeup must-have blew my mind.

In terms of texture, Haus Labs Concealer glides on like butter and has a velvety smooth consistency that blends seamlessly into skin. And a single swipe of medium-coverage concealer goes a long way, as it deposits enough product on the under-eye area, the inside of my cheeks, and acne spots.

Plus, the teardrop-shaped applicator makes it easy to reach small crevices, like the inner corners of the eye or rounded areas near the nose. While I’ve found blending concealer with a flat brush works best, using your fingers does the trick as well.

As for how long you can expect it to last, I’d bet more than eight hours before you could think about retouching – insist on the power because it could it’s not even necessary. The one thing to note about concealer, however, is that it won’t magically erase fine lines or wrinkles, so you might experience minor creases at the end of the day.