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I sent my child to school with “the worst packed lunch ever”

A mum has admitted sending her child to school with ‘the worst packed lunch’ ever – and we have to agree she might be onto something.

The embarrassed woman confessed what she did on Mumsnet’s famous AIBU board.


Mom sent him with a lunch for the birds…Credit: Getty – Contributor

“I told DS [dear son] he ate pasta salad for lunch,” she said. “Tonight he asked why we gave him ‘funny mashed potatoes’ instead.

“Turns out the pasta salad was still in the fridge and he had eaten a jar full of grease that I had reserved for the birds.

“Did someone send their child to school with something worse or are we officially the worst parents on Mumsnet?”

People were hysterical. “How many did he eat?!” asked a woman.

“You are not bad parents at all, that was a mistake. Now if you intentionally sent him to school with a mix of fat balls, that would be a different story,” another added. .

And other parents confessed that they too had made similar blunders.

“Once we sent our son to school with a jar of margarine,” said one woman.

“My brother once opened his school lunch box to find a banana that had passed its best covered in cookie crumbs.

There was no excuse for this except that my mother was a very, very busy woman and a bit scatty.

“Brother was only very small at the time, so a banana and some biscuits could have (roughly) been an adequate lunch all at once. But the biscuits didn’t survive a child’s journey from 5 yrs., so a breadcrumb coated banana was lunch that day.”

Another said: ‘I had a bit of a reputation for sending my kids to school with moldy bread sandwiches.

However, no harm done!

In the meantime, here’s what the ‘perfect’ school lunchbox looks like according to nutritionists – so how does YOUR kid’s compare?

Elsewhere, a mum is making a ‘snack station’ for her children after getting tired of cooking for them during lockdown.

Additionally, a mum has come under fire for sharing a photo of an “extremely dangerous” lunch box she packed for her two-year-old.

Mom proudly shows off kids’ amazing Halloween-themed lunch boxes

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