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I faced Tyson Fury, but the power of Deontay Wilder is that of Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman and Wladimir Klitchscko combined.


A Deontay Wilder punch is more like being hit by a train – good luck if you’re on the receiving end.

Malik Scott knows all about this power, having trained Wilder for two years and being one of the most respected trainers in the sport after a 16-year career as a heavyweight boxer.


Scott began training Wilder for the Fury trilogy fight, and the two men have been together ever sinceCredit: Deontay Wilder – Instagram

Previously, the 42-year-old fought with Tyson Fury – and it didn’t end well after the Gypsy King suffered a broken eardrum.

Wilder, however, has made a career out of brutal knockouts, including against Dominic Breazeale, Luis Ortiz and even Scott, tripping his future manager in the first round in March 2014.

Speaking on the White & Jordan Show on talkSPORT, Scott compared Wilder to some of the greats and said: “Before I fought Deontay with 10 oz, I felt him with 20 oz, and when I felt him with 20 oz before that, I left Tyson Fury’s camp and flew to Deontay Wilder’s camp, so I immediately understood the difference in power.

“His power with 20 ounces, it reminded me of a combined force of Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko together, punching and pounding.

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“It would be the equivalent of the power of Mike Tyson and George Foreman if you put him together. Tyson was very fast, George was very imposing and loud.

“When you put that together, you have the blessed and gifted power of Deontay Wilder.”

Speaking on accusations about Wilder’s unsightly form, Scott said: “I think of Deontay, when it comes to the naked eye. It doesn’t look attractive.

“If Mike Tyson did left hook right hook combinations with his build, it’s like ‘wow, he’s trying to get this guy out of there.’

Scott compared Wilder's power to that of Tyson and Lewis


Scott compared Wilder’s power to that of Tyson and Lewis
Wilder is renowned for his breathtaking power


Wilder is renowned for his breathtaking powerCredit: Stéphanie Trapp/TGB

“When Deontay, with his long limbs, goes from left hook to right hook like Mike Tyson… his body is built differently.

“I learned that from Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko. People didn’t like Vitali Klitschko but he was always one of the baddest fighters in the world. So was Lennox Lewis.

“Some fighters you might not understand until they leave.”

Much has been made of Wilder’s return to the ring this winter against Anthony Joshua.

After losing to Tyson Fury, the former WBC heavyweight champion only fought again a year later against Robert Helenius, whom he knocked out in the first round.

But the 37-year-old has not been seen since, appearing to take another year’s break as fans are desperate to see his striking power again.

AJ insisted he was certain to meet the American in the ring in December or January when he was asked in August while on the grid for the Dutch Grand Prix.

“Things are positive,” he said. “We’re actually trying to schedule a fight for December… That’s the schedule we’re looking forward to. Really, I’m going to focus on the Wilder fight for now.”



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