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About 2,000 demonstrators gathered in the Tunisian capital on Sunday, calling for respect for the country’s constitution and demanding the impeachment of President Kaïs Saied.

Saied gave himself the power to rule by decree on Wednesday, two months after sacking the prime minister, suspending parliament and assuming executive power, saying it was because of a national emergency.

Critics called the move a coup and protesters demanded the reinstatement of parliament.

Dozens of Saied supporters staged a counter-demonstration but were separated by security barriers.

On Saturday, more than 100 officials from Tunisia’s largest political party, moderate Islamist Ennahdha, announced their resignation in protest against the movement’s leadership.

They called Saied’s measures a “blatant blow to democratic legitimacy” and blamed party leader Rachid Ghannouchi for failing to form a united front to oppose Saied and deal with the country’s political crisis. .

Human Rights Watch issued a statement on Monday condemning the move, calling it “a first step towards authoritarianism.”

“This turning point threatens the human rights and democratic aspirations of the Tunisian people,” the statement said.

This is the second protest since Saied sacked the government and suspended parliament on July 25.


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